Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Veganland for bags, shoes and accessories

VYA Madrid, They don’t claim to be vegan, but they do make awesome good quality stuff NOT made from leather. Their products come from Madrid, Spain and since there is only one store in my area (Montreal, Canada), their products end up being kind of exclusive. The Brand actually makes a conscious effort on being exclusive by having a limited amount pair of shoes of the same model for a given size…

I owe this little discovery to my mom…She bought me a pair of shoes from there that I finally decided to exchange ,and when I went to the store I was amaze by the variety and finally went for a the little pair of boots that caught my eye.

I said they are good quality because here in Montreal the temperature is now below zero and they seem to handle it, my feet a warm and dry! Oh and by the way they were only 60 bucks!!
I bought something for two of my friends : little hand bags. Their cute and I think the picture don’t give the exact idea of what they are because they actually seem to be made out of suede leather.

So there you go, the proof that one can find vegan goodies at a reasonable prices! Oh …,wish I knew this when a bought a 200$ vegan boots (at a vegan shop) that didn't even last a year!!

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