Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Side Note on animal abuse: news

I was surfing the net and I stumbled upon some articles talking about an incident that happened some days ago, more precisely on September 17th. Here are the links, so you can read them for yourself, that is, if you read French.

Chiens maltrait├ęs secourus

Chiens maltrait├ęs en Outaouais les veterinaires peu surpris

On the 17th, 500 dogs were taken away from a shelter due to animal cruelty in  the Outaouais region located in the province of Quebec in Canada. According to the spokesperson of the Ministery of Agricultural this is the most important seizure in Quebec. In addition, the spokesperson from the Humane Society International stated that the dogs were in one of the worst conditions ever found in Canada!
These animals where evacuated and taking care of by veterinaries and volunteers (The Canadian Presse). Good to know.

The insalubrious conditions of the shelter were such that many had respiratory,skin conditions and other infections (The Canadian Presse). They don’t really give examples on how they were treated, but one can only imagine...

It is even more sad to know that it isn’t an isolated case; according to the President of the Medical Veterinary Association of  Quebec, this situation is not surprising  (The Canadian Presse). In fact, apparently there are many of these shelters where animals are mistreated and malnourished....Wtf!

How do the shelters sell them?! They post fake ads. For example, the shelters will pretend to be a family who owns a dog that just gave birth to puppies in order to sell them.

On the Radio Canada website , it says that this went on for years! Neighbors suspected, but nobody did nothing...What is wrong with our society?
So, now the government will slowly implant stricter laws for shelters. I guess they were waiting for 500 dogs to suffer to make a move...

These are literally dog factories, and with the number of pets abandoned per year, these shelters, whether they give good or bad treatment to their merchandise (animals), shouldn't exist -at all-.

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